Lower Parts Kits


The building base for your lower receiver builds.

Do not worry about any of these parts - if they fail, we'll replace them.  If you fail them, however, we'll help you out with a replacement (yes, we know those pesky detent pins fly across the shop sometimes).


 - Full Assembly Special:  Mil-spec+ parts including trigger guard (billet aluminum enhanced guard), melonite treated parts, standard safety and bolt release, and A2 style grip.  Does not include a trigger. Ideal for building up forged (mil-spec) lower receivers.

 - Builder Special:  Mil-spec+ parts including springs, detents pretreated with Breakthrough Oil, melonite treated selector, bolt release.  Does not include a grip, trigger guard, or trigger assembly.  Ideal for building up a billet lower receiver, or Aero/Ballistic Advantage enhanced lowers.